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Brookes Bible College Library: Conducting Research

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Start Your Research

These short and informative tutorials created by the University Library of UC Santa Cruz will guide you through all the steps in the research process: 

  • Identify Your Question 
  • Explore Background Information
  • Find Your Sources
  • Evaluate What You Find
  • Use and Cite Your Sources

How to avoid plagiarism & create an original paper

You can be accused of plagiarism if you:

  • "Copy, quote, paraphrase or summarize any source without adequate documentation.
  • Purchase a paper by mail or email.
  • Allow another person to write a paper for you.
  • Submit another person's unpublished work in your name." (Source: Duke University Libraries)

Whose idea was that? - watch this video (7:38 min) on avoiding plagiarism created by Duke University Libraries.


Find more about what plagiarism is, including in creating images, videos, and music.

How to Write a Research Paper in Biblical Studies

Featured Article: Understanding Plagiarism in a Digital Age

Skills and Strategies - Understanding Plagiarism in a Digital Age, by Lionel Anderson and Katherine Schulten, New York Times, Oct. 29, 2015

This informative article provides an in-depth analysis and illuminating insight into the millennials’ way of thinking and behavior with regard to plagiarism, illustrated with many examples.

Plagiarism in the Digital Age

Information Cycle & Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • The Information Cycle - a short video tutorial (2:35 min) created by Kimbel Library.
  • What is a peer-reviewed article? Watch this video tutorial (4:11 min) created by Carnegie Vincent Library to find the answer. 
  • How to read scholarly articles - find out with this brief (1:50 min) and informative video tutorial provided by the UIUC Library. Take a look at the infographic that is shown below the video window, too.


Featured Video: Evaluating Information by Using the CRAAP Test (4:50 min)

Evaluating Sources

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sources

Find the differences between primary, secondary and tertiary sources, explained by The CCCTS Library.

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