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Interlinear Bible

Featured websites

Answers in Genesis: find full text articles, educational videos (grouped by topics), book chapters, and articles about Genesis (mostly magazine and technical ones), as well as amazing materials on Bible archeology, characters, history, time line, contradictions in the Bible, Hermeneutics, and much more.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library: "The discovery of the first Dead Sea Scrolls in a remote Judean Desert cave in 1947 is widely considered the greatest archaeological event of the twentieth century. ...These fragile pieces of parchment and papyrus, including the oldest existing copies of the Hebrew Bible, were preserved for two thousand years by the hot, dry desert climate and the darkness of the caves where they were placed. The scrolls provide an unprecedented picture of the diverse religious beliefs of ancient Judaism, and of daily life during the turbulent Second Temple period when Jesus lived and preached."

Featured scrolls include: Genesis, Psalms, The Ten Commandments, Enoch, Apocryphon of Daniel, and more.

Bible Research

Internet Resources - organized by subject web sites on biblical history, texts, and interpretations. "These links are compiled, vetted, and approved by the editors of Oxford Biblical Studies Online."

Thematic Guides - These guides, created by Oxford Biblical Studies Online, "have been designed to provide a general introduction on popular topics in Biblical studies including research methods, people and places, books of the Bible, and more."

World Wide Study Bible - Commentary and sermons on every chapter of the Bible, including on some Apocrypha.

Concordances - "alphabetical listings of words and phrases found in the Holy Bible showing where the terms occur throughout all books of Scripture," provided by

The New Testament Gateway - “Web directory of Internet resources on the New Testament. Browse or search annotated links on everything connected with the academic study of the New Testament and Christian Origins.”

The HTML Bible

The HTML Bible includes: King James Bible; pictures and images; Easton’s Bible Dictionary; Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary; Nave’s Bible Index; Smith’s Bible Dictionary and Torrey’s Bible Index.

The Unbound Bible

Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible - provides "Bible study tools and aids that will encourage and exhort the Body of Christ.  Resources that are sourced in the conservative, historical Christian faith.”

Hebrew Language







Beginning Biblical Hebrew: A Grammar & Illustrated Reader





Learn Biblical Hebrew and Ancient Greek with the help of Mango Languages interactive database. This database is free to access with your St. Louis County Library (SLCL) or St. Louis Public Library (SLPL) card.

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